Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Week One

The introduction to the program. Two tasks to complete - first listen to the audio introduction and look around the blog pages. The addition of the audio is great as it adds a 'personal' touch, feeling like there are real people involved in the program.
Second, watch and listen to the tutorial on 7 1/2 habits of highly successful lifelong learners. This was very engaging and the idea of creating a learning contract with oneself was a new one to me. I have downloaded the template and will need to look at it more closely.
One of the questions for this tutorial was which of the habits feels comfortable and which more challenging. For me, 'play' was a natural but the idea of establishing what a definite 'end' to a Web 2.0 would look like is a puzzler. So definately something thought provoking has come out of the tutorial.
I'm off to do some puzzling whilst enjoying the sunshine!


Blogger Mohamed Taher said...

Hi Smili greetings from a son of Professor Smile.
More about myself and why smile, later.
I came to your blog searching for 'audio introduction.'
In your post on this subject you have no audio. Is it lost in the medium, as said the communication guru: Marshall McLuhan.

Or as TS Eliott said (British poet who turned American master), ""
Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?

fyi. I found something worth sharing with you on audio's:

One more thing, while I searched for audio, in the back of my mind I was thinking if my own breed of info professionals (aka librarians) have done something to add audio / voice --not just medium.

Thank God that I found some one who is so creative, visualizer and wears the same hat of a librarian, all-in-one.
See my blogs and leave your comment please.

9:39 PM  

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